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One-touch installable architrave protector with no need of tape

  • One-touch installation: no need of tape to fix.
  • Three different sizes of thickness: adaptable to various architraves.
  • With two bending parts (elastomer blended): foldable in places with small depth.
  • Light-green translucent material: transparent to ultraviolet rays, can prevent objects from color irregularity in sunburn.
  • Conventional protectors are impeditive and so get removed in cloth sticking work, but Yuuwaku-no-Tenshi has less depth in the catching part, so you just need to lift the protector a little to adhere clothes.

Product Details

Product Name



polypropylene (bending part::elastomer)


For protection of indoor opening frames, counters, and architraves of waist height windows.


product name effective thickness(mm) depth(mm) length(mm) quantity per case(piece) Shipment lot(case)
Yuwaku-no-Tenshi 201819~201151800201
Yuwaku-no-Tenshi 260925~26115900401
Yuwaku-no-tensh i261825~261151800201
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