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Boards suitable for carrying work

  • Excellent durability and shock-resistance: hard to split and usable for a long time.
  • Also resistant to heat, water, and chemicals.
  • With antistatic treatment: keep dust away.
  • Producing no fine splits: save the trouble of cleaning after use
  • High water-resistance: washable with water
  • Usable for protection of both floors and walls.
  • In terms of ecology, we use material that produces NO environment toxic gas when burnt and solve the problem with disposing.
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polypropylene and polyetylene
For the floors and corridors in construction sites, factories, carrying work sites


product namethickness(mm)width(mm)length(mm)colorquantity per shipping container (sheets)shipment lot (sheets)
Yojo-kun PP 1.5mm1.59101820blue 1030
Yojo-kun PP 1.8mm1.88501700light blue1030
Yojo-kun PP 2.3mm2.38501700blue ・green530
Yojo-kun PP 2.7mm2.79101820blue ・green530
Yojo-kun PD 2.0mm29101820black530
Yojo-kun PE 2.0mm28501700light blue1030
Yojo-kun PE 2.4mm2.49101820light blue1030

※PD: conductive type ※minimum order quantity: more than 10sheets

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