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Flexible covers adaptable to various shapes without tape

  • More flexible than those Manufactured from polyvinyl chloride, this protector neither scratches the surface of the floor nor breaks itself when dropped.
  • Fits with opening frames without tape.
  • Easy to cut: suitable for protection of not only columns but also various spots such as handrails, copings, and single pipe scaffoldings.
  • UFO21 can protect wide surfaces of gateposts and decorative columns, which other protectors cannot cover.
  • Available for protection of continuous footing.
  • Easy to cut or half-cut, this protector can be adapted to various spots.

Product Details

Product Name

UFO series


polyethylene foam


For protection of pillars, opening frames, single pipe scaffoldings, front door knobs, stair copings, balcony railings, etc.


product nameworking width(mm)length(mm)colorquantity per caseShipment lot(case)
UFO8 Blue100~1801800Blue601
UFO7 Green100~1801700Green601
UFOSlim Green80~1201700Green801
UFO21up to about 240mm2000Orange201
UFOLong Blue100~1802000Blue501
UFOLong Green100~1802000Green501
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