Slip-Proof Tape for Flat Surface

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For prevention of slipping on steps

  • Easy attachment: just cut and paste
  • For the prevention of accidents caused by slipping

Product Details

Product Name

Slip-Proof Tape for Flat Surface


plastic (mineral particles on surface) (slip-proof tape for flat surface) aluminum foil (abrasive mineral particles on surface) (slip-proof tape for checkered plate)


To prevent slipping on slippery floor such as entrances of buildings, stairs, and slopes. Also available in gangways of airplanes and slip-prevention of construction machinery. (Slip-Proof Tape for Flat Surface) For slip-prevention on stairs of site office, crane tracks, and special-purpose vehicles (Slip-Proof Tape for Checkered Plate)


product namecolor・item no.thickness(mm)width(mm)length(m)quantity per case (rolls)shipment lot(rolls)
Slip-Proof Tape for Flat Surfaceblack:374-920.850514
Slip-Proof Tape for Flat Surfaceblack:374-930.8100512
Slip-Proof Tape for Flat Surfaceyellow:374-940.950514
Slip-Proof Tape for Flat Surfaceyellow:374-950.9100512
Sli-Proof Tape for Checkered Plateyellow:374-88black:374-86green:374-900.950513
Sli-Proof Tape for Checkered Plateyellow:374-89 black:374-87 green:374-910.9100512
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