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Super Butyl Tape

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Waterproof tape with excellent air-tightness and durability

  • No.4420
  • Single-sided adhesive tape with polyester non-woven fabric base material and butyl rubber/IIR adhesive material, excellent in waterproofing.
  • Well-balanced high adhesive power is available in wide range. The adhesive material has excellent air-tightness, so available in various uses where waterproofing and durability are needed.
  • No.5938
  • Tape with polyethylene net as base material and water-proofing butyl rubber/IIR adhesive material on both sides
  • Excellent durability, anti-coldness, and anti-heat. This tape sticks well to polyolefin and rough surface, so it can be available in various uses such as not only waterproofing of residential buildings but also improvement in various waterproofing works, and soundproofing.
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No. 4420 polyester non _woven fabrix + butyl rubber/IIR adhesive + release paper No. 5938 butyl rubber/IIR adhesive material + polyethylene net + release paper on both sides
For waterproofing and repairing in residential buildings. For masonry joint around sashes and openings. For air-tight and moisture proofing in residential buildings. For sheet metal. For fixing car parts.


product namethickness(mm)width(mm)length(m)quantity per case (rolls)shipment lot(case)
Super Butyl Tape (single sided) No. 44200.755020162
Super Butyl Tape (single sided) No. 44200.757520122
Super Butyl Tape (single sided) No. 44200.751002082
Super Butyl Tape (double sided) No. 59380.55020162
Super Butyl Tape (double sided) No. 59380.57520122
Super Butyl Tape (double sided) No. 59380.51002082
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