Sealing Masking Tape SB229P/SB246/SB246S

  • Sealing Masking Tape SB229P/SB246/SB246Simg-1

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Masking tape for siding and self-cleaning work

  • Purple colored base material makes it easier to part margins.
  • The smooth surface achieves speedy pasting work.

Product Details

Product Name

Sealing Masking Tape SB229P/SB246/SB246S


washi (japanese paper)


For siding boards


product namethickness(mm)width(mm)length(m)quantity per case (rolls)shipment lot(case)
Sealing Masking Tape SB229P0.118187001
Sealing Masking Tape SB2460.0918187001
Sealing Masking Tape SB246S0.118187001

※10 cases of 70 rolls per pack

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