Roll Masker

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Standard item for Yojo in painting work

  • Available both indoors and outdoors
  • Cover the area where you want to keep away paintings so that you can concentrate on painting work without paying attention to protrusion and dirt. It saves time when put away.
  • Good water and humid resistance

Product Details

Product Name

Roll Masker


polyethylene+gummed fabric tape


For painting work indoors and around building, and partition in simple work


product name width(mm) length(m) tape color quantity per case (rolls) shipment lot(case)
Roll Masker55025brown・lettuce green601
Roll Masker110025brown・lettuce green601
Roll Masker150025brown・lettuce green601
Roll Masker180025brown・lettuce green301
Roll Masker210025brown・lettuce green301
Roll Masker270025lettuce green301
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