Russel Mesh Sheet

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High-performance thick sheet

  • Appiled to pipe scaffolds in painting/coating sites, this sheet prevents coating material from scattering.

Product Details

Product Name

Russel Mesh Sheet




For the prevention of coating material from scattering in painting/coating sites


product namewidth(m)length(m)colorquantity per case (sheets)shipment lot(case)
Russel Mesh Sheet1.83.4green156
Russel Mesh Sheet1.83.6green156
Russel Mesh Sheet1.85.1green106
Russel Mesh Sheet1.85.4green106
Russel Mesh Sheet3.65.4green56
Russel Mesh Sheet1.83.4white156
Russel Mesh Sheet1.83.6white156
Russel Mesh Sheet1.85.1white106
Russel Mesh Sheet1.85.4white106
Russel Mesh Sheet3.65.4white56
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