Lamitect Flashing Sheet

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Flashing sheet with multi-layered structure

  • Excellent waterproofing: our original process to prevent water intruding and special four-layered structure achieve highly effective performance in preventing water intrude from nail holes.
  • Extra-lightweight (about quarter the weight of those sheet Manufactured from asphalt or rubber): high work efficiency achieved
  • Easy to cut and bend (no worry of deformation caused by heat in summer and curing caused by cold temperature in winter)
  • Rubber, asphalt, and PVC are NOT included: produces NO poisonous gases when burnt.

Product Details

Product Name

Lamitect Flashing Sheet


surface: polyethylene film reverse side:non-woven fabric


For waterproofing of sashes, copings, and eaves


product namewidth(mm)length(m)quantity per case (rolls)shipment lot(case)
Lamitect Flashing Sheet3304039
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