Channel Guard

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For cushioning of H-steel and edge decoration

  • Soft-touch texture. Easy attachment

Product Details

Product Name

Channel Guard


flexible PVC


Available in various spots in protection


product nameA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)D(mm)length(m)colorquantity per case (rolls)
Channel Guard H-4481345yellow・beige・light gray8
Channel Guard H-66101655yellow・beige・light gray6
Channel Guard H-99132391yellow・beige・light gray20
Channel Guard H-99132392yellow・beige・light gray10
Channel Guard H-12121729101yellow・beige・light gray15
Channel Guard H-12121729102yellow・beige・light gray7
Channel Guard H-16162138141yellow・beige・light gray10
Channel Guard H-16162138142yellow・beige・light gray5

※Black, Green, and red are produced on order

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