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Waterproof Yojo material for substrate plyboard

  • Improve adhesion of superposition and prevent water leaking
  • For protection of floor substrate plyboard
  • Please do not attach Rakuhari to wet floor panel: wait until it gets totally dry
  • Please have overlap space enough to prevent water leaking. Please reinforce overlap space with duct tape etc.
  • In storage, avoid direct sunlight, preserve in cool dark place and keep away from heat such as that from heating units.
  • Not available in electric insulation
  • Get rid of before setting floor finishing material


Product Details

Product Name



polyethylene film


For protection of floor substrate plyboard



product namewidth(mm)length(m)quantity per case (rolls)shipment lot(case)
Rakuhari (rolled with adherent inside)10003041
Rakuhari (rolled with adherent outside)10003041

※There are two types: one with the adherent inside and one with adherent outside. Please tell us which one you want when in order.

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