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Ideal for the prevention of dirt from hand and sunburn

  • Protect columns from scratches and dirt from hands.
  • Attached from the intentional split on the rear side of a wooden column.
  • Easy operation: attachable by one person.
  • With double-sided tape: can be attached tightly around a column.
  • Prevent columns from slipping when held vertically.
  • There is possibility of glue remaining on isolated columns.

Product Details

Product Name



Kraft paper(50g/?)


For prevention of columns from sunburn, dirt from hands, and scratches. Product patented for manufacture


product namewidth(mm)length(m)quantity per case (pieces)Shipment lot(case)
Ma-kun 3.5 Sun [plain]46524201
Ma-kun 4.0 Sun [plain]52524201
Ma-kun 4.5 Sun [plain]57024201
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