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Konjo Mat

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Concrete Yojo material available both in summer and winter

  • In summer, this mat helps keep moisture on the surface of concrete, when water is scattered to keep hydration reaction and prevent cracking.
  • In winter, this mat protect concrete against the freezing and thawing action.
  • Synthetic fiber material fits well the concrete surface and holds warmth, so promotes steady concrete curing.
  • With thermal insulation, heat retention, and water absorbency: PP cloth is attached on one side to prevent the mat from sticking to concrete.
  • PP cloth is to face the concrete surface.
  • Include NO chlorine that produces dioxin
  • Polyester fiber has water absorbency, so promotes steady concrete curing
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material :polyester fiber etc. cloth: polypropylene
Protection of concrete in continuous footing and mat foundation. prevention of concrete cracking


product name thickness(mm) width(mm) length(m) quantity per case (rolls) shipment lot (rolls)
Konjo Mat65003022
Konjo Mat610003011
Konjo Mat620003011
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