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Concrete Yojo material available both in summer and winter

  • In summer, this mat helps keep moisture on the surface of concrete, when water is scattered to keep hydration reaction and prevent cracking.
  • In winter, this mat protect concrete against the freezing and thawing action.
  • Synthetic fiber material fits well the concrete surface and holds warmth, so promotes steady concrete curing.
  • With thermal insulation, heat retention, and water absorbency: PP cloth is attached on one side to prevent the mat from sticking to concrete.
  • PP cloth is to face the concrete surface.
  • Include NO chlorine that produces dioxin
  • Polyester fiber has water absorbency, so promotes steady concrete curing

Product Details

Product Name

Konjo Mat


material :polyester fiber etc. cloth: polypropylene


Protection of concrete in continuous footing and mat foundation. prevention of concrete cracking


product namethickness(mm)width(mm)length(m)quantity per case (rolls)shipment lot (rolls)
Konjo Mat65003022
Konjo Mat610003011
Konjo Mat620003011
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