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Airtight Tape (single sided)KM30BK

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Acrylic airtight tape

  • Good usability: can cut by hand
  • Never cause change (swelling) of moisture-permeable sheet
  • With consideration for Sick House Syndrome
  • Easy to cut by hand. Keep hands clean
  • So thin that makes less space between two tapes when overlapped.
  • Strong adhesive power
  • Adhesive will not drip or be peeled off in high temperature.
  • Adhesive power is especially strong where two tapes are overlapped.
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polyethylene cloth
For fixation of permeable waterproof sheet


product namethickness(mm)width(mm)length(m)colorquantity per case (rolls)shipment lot(case)
Airtight Tape (single sided)KM30BK0.175020black362
Airtight Tape (single sided)KM30BK0.177520black242
Airtight Tape (single sided)KM30BK0.1710020black182
Airtight Tape (single sided)KM30WH0.175020white 362
Airtight Tape (single sided)KM30WH0.177520white 242
Airtight Tape (single sided)KM30WH0.1710020white182
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