Kabegiwazoku II

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Yojo for the gap between floor and wall

  • With this product, you do not need to put tapes on the objects (such as floors and carpets) themselves, so there is no worry of adhesive residue.
  • Any kinds and any sizes of tapes can be adapted: can be used in both newly construction and renovation.
  • Standing type: reduce trash and dust along walls and make cleaning easy.
  • Prevent sunburn
  • Half-cuts on 30mm intervals in the flow direction: easy to cut
  • Two half-cuts also provided in the width direction: easy to fold
  • Rolled: easy to handle
  • Manufactured from only paper: eco-friendly and easy to separate as trash.

Product Details

Product Name

Kabegiwazoku II


core paper board


For protection of floors, corridors and baseboards


product namethickness(mm)width(mm)length(m)quantity per case (rolls)shipment lot(case)
Kabegiwazoku II11102081
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