H Steel Safety Guard

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Excellent flexibility and shock absorption, achieived with our original hollow structure

  • Permanent protector for H steel: soften the shock caused by a collision

Product Details

Product Name

H Steel Safety Guard


flexible PVC resin


Permanent protection of H steel Attachment: please attach this guard to steel with adhesive


product nameApplicable H steel thicknesshorizontal (mm)vertical (mm)length(m)colorquantity per case (rolls)shipment lot (rolls)
H Steel Safety Guard HSG-099t/10t18331yellow・gray1050
H Steel Safety Guard HSG-1211t/12t23341yellow・gray1050
H Steel Safety Guard HSG-1514t/15t/16t26381yellow・gray1040
H Steel Safety Guard HSG-1817t/18t/19t/20t28391yellow・gray1040
H Steel Safety Guard HSG-2121t/22t/24t32411yellow・gray1040
H Steel Safety Guard HSG-2626t/28t38511yellow・gray1030
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