High Pat

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Standard item for packing furniture and equipments

  • Elasticized quilted sheet in the tubular shape: you can extend the sheet and easily cover anything in any shape.
  • Achieve packing in less resource and lower cost. Produce no waste in working sites. Easy portability in the combination with belts.

Product Details

Product Name

High Pat


surface: PE100%、padding: PE100%、elastic band: 12 threads、the reverse side:PE100%


For the packing of furniture and appliance


product namecircumference (mm)length(mm)coloredge colorquantity per case (sheets)shipment lot (sheets)
High Pat 50S1200~2400500blue green530
High Pat 80S1200~2400800blue green530
High Pat 110S1200~24001100blue green530
High Pat 50M1600~3200500blue red530
High Pat 80M1600~3200800blue red530
High Pat 110M1600~32001100blue red530
High Pat 50L2000~4000500blue yellow530
High Pat 80L2000~4000800blue yellow530
High Pat 110L2000~40001100blue yellow530
High Pat 140L2000~40001400blueyellow432

※Mixed loading over 30 sheets is available

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