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Standard item against heatsroke

  • Hit the bag strongly and break the inside water bag: the bag get cool immediately.
  • Inside water bag can be easily broken on a flat place.
  • [caution] This product cannot be drunk or eaten. Do NOT put it in the mouth.
  • ・In the case the bag is torn and liquid inside the bag comes out onto your skin or clothes, please rinse it off with water.
  • ・Please store this product in normal temperature.
  • ・The temperature rapidly drops to below freezing. Please make sure to wrap this product with handkerchief or towel when you put it on your skin.
  • (This product might cause frostbite when put directly on skin. Please be careful when little children and those with sensitive skin use this product.
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For prevention against heatstroke of workers. As giveaways to customers in field exhibition. For first aid against bruise, sprain, and burns.


product namewidth(mm)height(mm)thickness(mm)quantity per case(pieces)shipment lot(case)
Download the Brochure*In Japanese
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