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Ideal for the prevention of dirt from hand and sunburn

  • Protect columns from scratches and dirt from hands.
  • No need of glue or cutting paper.
  • Can be attached by one person and can be piled up immediately after the work.
  • Prevent columns from slipping when held vertically.
  • Each size is 45m roll: cuttable at any length without any waste.
  • With Kraft tape on both edges: no need of temporary fixing.
  • 3 size variations: 106.5mm-121.2mm, 136.35mm, 151.5mm (approximately).
  • Plain one and Printed one (大安吉日, which means “a very auspicious day for all types of occasions”)
  • On the printed one are following words: “大安吉日 祝上棟 家運隆盛”, which means “a very auspicious day for all types of occasions”, “Congratulation for completion of framework”, and “Hoping for family fortunes”.

Product Details

Product Name

Yojo Paper for Columns


Kraft paper(50g/?)


For prevention of columns from sunburn, dirt from hands, and scratches. Product patented for manufacture


product namewidth(mm)length(m)quantity per case (pieces)Shipment lot(case)
Yojo Paper for Columns 3.5-4 Sun plain50545103
Yojo Paper for Columns 4.5 Sun plain56045103
Yojo Paper for Columns 5 Sun plain65045103
Yojo Paper for Columns 3.5-4 Sun printed [Taian-kichijitu]50545103

The size from 181.8mm to 242.4mm is available as a special order.

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