Gengoro Blue

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Easy attachable Yojo material for door

  • The front doors are easy to get scratches and difficult to repair.
  • Gengoro Blue offers the perfect protection of the surface of the door, which is not possible only with corrugated cardboard.
  • The Parts for both sides of the door are included in one set.
  • With the space for the door knob: no need to cut
  • Please hang Gengoro Blue on the half-opened door, and bring the fixing sheet (double sided tape is supplied) on the bottom to the other side so that you can attach it to the door.

Product Details

Product Name

Gengoro Blue


polypropylene(plastic veneer)+polyethylene foam


Protection of the Front Door



product name thickness(mm) width(mm) length(mm) quantity per case shipment lot
Gengoro Blue3.58501820One set for one front doorEight sets (for one front door)
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