Folding Helmet IZANO MET

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Excellent storage and portability, and available in ordinary work

  • Standard protection against falling objects, but can be contained in about half the size.
  • Compact containment: excellent portability
  • Able to assemble fast when the immediate use is required in such cases as disaster and refuge.
  • Wide usage from refuge to recovery work in disaster
  • Certified under national standard for the protect against falling objects and the protect against falling.
  • Wide variation of usage: also available in work in high place

Product Details

Product Name

Folding Helmet IZANO MET


cap body:ABS resin central cover of the cap:ABS resin


For general work and relief activities, and in stock for refuge


product namelength(mm)height(mm)colorquantity per case(piece)shipment lot(piece)
IZANO MET303folded:82 assembled:138white・orange・green・blue・white with orange line・ orange with white line110

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