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Yojo material for ground around building and balcony

  • The empty weight can prevent itself from being blown up by wind.
  • Not only strong enough to endure weighting but also cushioning and flexible enough to endure impact
  • Available in various options of thickness, color, and embossment: you can get the appropriate one for the conditions of the spots.
  • Impervious to water: installable not only in construction sites but also on floors of gyms in case of polls and refuges.
  • For protection of floors of plasma display panel factories.

Product Details

Product Name

PVC Sheet


vinyl chloride


For protection of outdoor ground around the building, entrance, and balconyFor protection of the floor at election polling stations


product name thickness(mm) width(mm) length(m) type color quantity per case (rolls) shipment lot (rolls)
PVC Sheet 0.15.15100050Embossedblack110
PVC Sheet0.3 black.3100030Embossedblack15
PVC Sheet0.3 yellow / orange.3100030Embossedyellow / orange15
PVC Sheet0.5 black.5100030Embossedblack15
PVC Sheet0.5 yellow・green・orange.5100030Embossedyellow・green・orange15
PVC Sheet0.8 black.8100020Embossedblack15
PVC Sheet1.0 black1100020Embossedblack15
PVC Sheet 1.2 flat and gloss1.2100020Hiratsuyagreen15
PVC Sheet 1.8 Pyramid Mat1.8100020Pyra-matgreen15
PVC Sheet 2.0 kleensweep mat2100020B-Yamagreen15
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