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Step Plate

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For the prevention of tumbling over a step

  • The slope shape eliminates a step and prevents walkers from stumbling and cars and bikes from falling
  • Cars can pass smoothly on this plate. The shape prevents bounce when tires get on the edges.
  • The processing of groove and step on the surface achieves anti-slip properties.
  • The shape of the bottom can let water go out, so it is hard to be got moved by rain.
  • Less cracks than those plates Manufactured from concrete
  • Can be connected side by side with the bolts included.
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A plate that eliminates a step


product namewidth(mm)depth (mm)height(mm)quantity per case (sheets)shipment lot(case)
Step Plate NDP-60060027010021
Step Plate NDP-600E60027010041
Step Plate NDP-90090027010021
Step Plate NDP-900E90027010041
Step Plate NDP-610H60034015022
Step Plate NDP-610E60034015041
Step Plate NDP-60A6001504041
Step Plate NDP-60AE6001504041
Step Plate NDP-270C27027010041
Step Plate NDP-270CE27027010041
Step Plate NDP-340C34034015041
Step Plate NDP-340CE34034015041
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