Corner Guard V-shaped

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Ideal for safety measures around corner!

  • Attached to corners of equipments, this guard helps to prevent injury.
  • Available for corners of tables and desks in offices and homes
  • Easy to attach with adhesive tape included
  • Two color variations: yellow and ivory. Please select the color according to the location of use

Product Details

Product Name

Corner Guard V-shaped




For protection of corners of equipments in factories and of furniture


product namesize descriptionvertical (mm)horizontal (mm)height(mm)thickness(mm)colorquantity per case (packs)
Corner Guard V-shaped(S)Sabout 50about 50about 22about 6yellow・ivory20
Corner Guard V-shaped(M)Mabout 67about 67about 34about 12yellow・ivory20
Corner Guard V-shaped(L)Labout 67about 67about 44about 16yellow・ivory20

※The actual size might be different( to a tolerance of ±10%) ※double-sided tape included ※Two pieces in a pack

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