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Corner Guard ST

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Protect the corners with excellent shock-absorption

  • Attached to columns and openings in factories and warehouses, this guard absorbs the shock caused by a collision.
  • Available for corners and columns in offices and homes
  • Very soft and flexible: easy to cut by scissors and apply to various places.
  • Two color variations: yellow and ivory. Please select the color according to the location of use.


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For safety measure in factory and parking lot. For warning and shock-absorption


product namesize descriptionvertical (mm)horizontal (mm)length(mm)thickness(mm)colorquantity per case (rolls)
Corner Guard ST (S)Sabout 22about 22about 900about 6yellow・ivory40
Corner GuardST(M)Mabout 34about 34about 900about 12yellow・ivory20
Corner GuardST(L)Labout 44about 44about 900about 16yellow・ivory20

※The actual size might be different( to a tolerance of ±10%) ※double-sided tape included

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