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A necessity in work sites

  • Cone Base is weight (2kg) that prevents safety cone from falling down.
  • Safety Cone and Reflective Safety Cone can call attention when set on dangerous places.
  • Cone Bar is put between Safety Cones with each side onto the top of the cones.

Product Details

Product Name

Cone Base/Color Cone/Cone Bar


rubber(Cone Base)polyethylene(Color Cone)ABS resin(Cone Bar)


Safety measure available in various places.


product name size (mm) color quantity per case(pieces) shipment lot(pieces)
Cone Basevertical 370 X horizontal 23 X height 10-10100
Color Conevertical 370 X horizontal 370 X height 700red ・yellow・green・blue1020
Reflective Color Conevertical 370 X horizontal 370 X height 700red ・white1020
Cone Bardiameter φ34 X length 2000yellow・black / green・white / blue ・white / yellow・white / red ・white4040
Cone Bardiameter φ34 X length 1500yellow・black / green・white / blue ・white / yellow・white / red ・white4040
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