Garbage Separation Bag

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For collecting waste materials in working sites

  • Can separate waste materials in separate colored bags.
  • 3 variations: transparent, with a cente line, lettered(with a line on both ends)

Product Details

Product Name

Garbage Separation Bag




For waste material separation in working sites


product namevertical (mm)horizontal (mm)quantity(sheets/color)shipment lot (sheets)
Garbage Separation Bag (transparent)880580100500
Garbage Separation Bag (with line)880580100500
Garbage Separation Bag (lettered)880580100500

Lettered (5 colors) blue…再生利用(石膏ボード)・green…不燃焼物(接着剤缶・コーキング缶・シーリング缶)・yellow…再生利用(木くず・ダンボール)・brown…不燃焼物(ビニール・ビニールテープ)・red…燃焼物(フロアー・集成材・合板) with line(6 colors) black・blue・green・yellow・brown・red

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