Blue Sheet/White Sheet

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A wide ranging series of blue sheet

  • Please cover this sheet over foundation and building materials so that it protects them from rain and dust
  • Please fix this sheet with rafter or other material to prevent it from getting turned up by wind

Product Details

Product Name

Blue Sheet/White Sheet




Can be used in various ways according to uses


product namewidth(m)length(m)quantity per case (rolls)shipment lot (rolls)
Blue Sheet (non-processed)0.910022
Blue Sheet (non-processed)1.810011
White Sheet (non-processed)0.910022
White Sheet (non-processed)1.810011
Blue Sheet3.65.41010
Blue Sheet5.47.255
Blue Sheet7.2933
Blue Sheet101022
White Sheet3.65.41010
#3000Blue Sheet3.65.41010
#3000Blue Sheet5.47.255
#3000Blue Sheet7.2933
#3000Blue Sheet101022
#3000Blue Sheet (non-processed)1800180010011

※Please ask us about different sizes

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