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Ace Cloth white/black

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Acrylic airtight tape

  • Eco-friendly tape using NO toluene, xylene, and plasticizer
  • High adhesive power on rough surface both in summer and winter
  • Thin but strong: able to be overlapped. Excellent usability. Keep hands clean.
  • Strong adhesion on permeable sheet, airtight film, and insulation materials.
  • Long durability (for about 50years in the test of JIS A 6930)
  • 031: super strong type for rough surface. With release paper
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special polyethylene cloth+special acrylic adhesive
single-sided airtight waterproofing tape


product namethickness(mm)width(mm)length(m)colorquantity per case (rolls)shipment lot(case)
Ace Cloth 0110.185020white ・black303
Ace Cloth 0110.187520white ・black243
Ace Cloth 0110.1810020white ・black183
Ace Cloth 0110.235020white ・black203
Ace Cloth 0110.237520white ・black153
Ace Cloth 0110.2310020white ・black103
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