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Privacy Policy

Information Collection And Use

MF Corporation appreciates the importance of personal information. We, therefore, abide by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and appropriately handle the information in the following ways.
In obtaining information, we will inform the customer of the objectives of its use in advance and collect the information in legal and fair process.

Protection nad Management of Personal Information

We properly manage the information collected on this site, and take proper and practical precautions to protect the information against such danger as unauthorized access.
In order to provide better services to the customer, we may consign a third party to deal with the personal information. In such cases, we will instruct and direct the third party to manage the information properly.

Information Use

We will use the information collected on this site to the extent necessity to achieve the objectives, with full consideration to the rights of the customer. We use the information in following objectives.


* To reply to the customer’s inquiry
* To conduct market research and data analysis
* To send the customer some samples etc
* ・To contact the customer or send letters and so on to the customer


We may provide you with some information which we think is useful for you if you give us your personal information.
If you ask us to stop, we will not provide such information any more.
If you ask us to disclose, correct, or delete your information collected by MF Corporation, we will take necessary practical measures after we confirm your identity as the principle, for the prevention of information leakage.
You can make any request for disclosure, correction, suspention of use, and inquiries of the objectives of the use of the personal information which we hold, via telephone, fax and inquiry form on this site. Please note that requests via any means other than these may not be responded.