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We develop and sell protection materials, which prevent scratches and dirt on building components in construction work.

These protection materials are also applied in carrying work sites for frames of entrance, walls, floors, and interior walls of elevator.

These protection materials are called "Yojo-zai(material)" in our industry.

We are best known in this niche market and have been advancing overseas for 15 years. We have local subsidiaries in Korea now.

We will keep on expanding our business overseas.

MF Corporation CEO: Representative Director

Syuji Yamazaki

Corporation Profile

Corporate name MF Corporation
Establishement June 1, 1979
Capital ¥50,000,000
CEO:Representative Director Syuji Yamazaki
The number of staff 37 (April 1, 2021)
Description of business MF Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and sells Yojo materials (temporary protection materials) for construction and carrying work sites.
It has also developed the business in various fields such as packaging materials and stockbreeding materials.
Our Banks Mizuho Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Head Office 〒532-0003
Shin-osaka Daiichiseimei building 10F
Miyahara 3-5-24, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
TEL:+81-6-6396-8078 FAX:+81-6-6396-8081
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Tokyo Branch 〒105-0022
Kokusaihamamatutyou Building 2F
Kaigan 1-9-18, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL:+81-3-5405-4871 FAX:+81-3-5405-4872
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June, 1979 "Shinko Corporation" was established in Neyagawa-shi, Osaka, capitalized at 3 million yen.
It started selling Watting and Palpac, shock-absorbing materials made of paper.
June, 1982 The capital was increased to 10 million yen. The selling of Hiyoko-matt for stock breeding started.
July, 1983 The head office and Ikeda sales branch were integrated and relocated in Itami-shi, Hyogo.
April, 1985 Tokyo office was established.
July, 1988 The capital was increased to 15 million yen.
November, 1989 The corporation name was changed to "MF Corporation". Head office was relocated in Ikeda-shi, Osaka.
April, 1996 Yojo cover "Takechiyomaru" was started to sell.
September, 1998 The capital was increased to 30 million yen.
May, 2003 KOREA MF was established in Korea.
September, 2004 The capital was increased to 50 million yen.
April, 2007 The head office was relocated in Yodokawa-ku, Osaka-shi.
April, 2009 MF Logistics was established in Fukushima prefecture.
February, 2012 Tokyo office was relocated in Seiroka Tower in Chuo-ku.
Mar, 2017 The head office was relocated in Miyahara, Yodokawa-ku, Osaka-shi.

Affliated companies

MF Logistics 〒969-0401
Sakai 116, Kagamiishi-machi, Fukushima prefecture
KOREA MF 49, Jinto-gil 21beon-gil, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 12770
F-moto Akira 〒563-0032
E.G.B 1F, Ishibasi 2-1-8, Ikeda-shi, Osaka-Fu

MF Services

MF, as a manufacture specializing in Yojo material, always try to fulfill the services that cannot be made available by any other.

We design and develop products by ourselves.

We design and develop products by ourselves.

Just after MF started its business, the protection materials available in construction sites was few sheets.

It was general for the workers to protect some spots by adapting packaging materials and veneer board.


In selling Yojo sheet, we found unreasonableness and inefficiency in construction sites and have developed materials specializing in Yojo to improve the situation.

MF is a manufacture that has been always facing customers and offering what is necessary for them.

That is the reason MF has a lot of original products ,such as "Dankichi", "Wakuzo", and "Toranosuke", as main Yojo materials.
As you may have noticed, a lot of our products have unique names, such as "Dankichi","Yukanosuke",and "Wakuzo".

We do not name a product in meetings: it is the staff who develops the product who gives it a name.

The staff who has the deepest attachment to the product gives a name, which leads to a strong wish to expect the name to be remembered. "52AD","Yuwaku no Tenshi","Shonan Board": once you hear these names, you shall never forget them.

What we can do as a manufacture specializing in Yojo material

What we can do as a manufacture specializing in Yojo material

A lot of products of MF have spread in construction sites: we developed Yojo cover and Yojo paper for columns and set them out into the world.

We consider it our strong point that all the staff can cooperate and work together intensively focusing on Yojo material.

Though limited in the field of Yojo material, we have larger number of products than any other company."

A company specializing only in Yojo material might be really rare, but we think it the reason that we can meet the detailed demands that other companies cannot.

We deliver our products directly where they will be used, pursuing the convenience for customers.

MF never fails to give careful consideration in the delivery of products.
Measures suited to each occasion are necessary in the building industry, so we are willing to deal with any problem concerning the delivery, suzh as sudden orders, additional orders, and specified dates. To reduce the delivery time and cost, MF delivers the products directly to the place where they will be used.

*About direct delivery: please give us some information, such as address, map, and name of building, with an order form."
We can check delivery dates and tracking numbers any time during our business hours (9:00 - 17:00).

*Only in Japanese Service.

Our commitment to safety and environment

It is not only buildings but also environment that we "protect." MF thinks so.

Eco-guard・Shonan Board・Yukanosuke・Dankichi

Yojo materials basically have the purpose to "prevent dirt and scratches", but in the development of products, the consideration for the environment is also important and indispensable. We have to "prevent pollution and scratches" when we dispose them.
Yojo materials are used temporarily, that is, they are necessarily removed when the work is completed.
Therefore, the materials that cannot be reused must be disposed of.
In the consideration for the environment, MF manufactures single use products from only one material as much as possible.
The products such as "Eco-guard", "Shonan Board", "Yukanosuke", and "Dankichi" are made only of regenerated pulp. It saves the trouble of segregating, and this attempt is necessary in order to make work efficient.

Easy Recycling

We put these easily-recyclable single material products into our original category called "Easy Recycling". A product labelled as "Easy Recycling" is manufactured from single material, and it is easy to collect as recyclable material.

Challenge 25 Campaign.

MF takes part in the activitiy of Challenge 25 Campaign.